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Problem study

1 - 2 weeks

We just take contact with your project, we begin the problem study stage. We will have interviews with users involved and we will analyze all the information related to the project. The goal of this stage is to generate a backlog of estimable requirements that allows us, as well as you, to have a sense of the magnitude and scope of the solution.

Product Design

1 - 3 weeks

Luego del análisis de requerimientos, definimos el concepto del producto, su usabilidad, los factores críticos de éxito del proyecto y la arquitectura que de soporte a la visión del producto. Esta etapa da como resultado la lista de criterios de aceptación de cada requerimiento, criterios de aceptación no funcionales, prototipos de UI, se estima el total de sprints del backlog y se define el equipo que trabajará hasta el final del desarrollo.

Product Development

Sprints de 2 - 3 weeks

Se trabaja por sprints donde al comienzo de cada uno se define el obejto del mismo. Al final el sprint, se pone en producción el trabajo realizado. Todo lo desarrollado cuenta con test automáticos, integración continua, monitoreo del ambiente productivo tanto de servers como de errores de la aplicación.

Evolutive and Corrective Maintenance

According to your necessity

The evolutive support consists of monitoring application's infrastructure, keep libraries, modules nad plugins updated and more. It contemplates the development of new functionalities according to the needs of your business.

Casos de éxito

Study Cases

  • Axum

    It is a module of the Axum web system that allows managing information related to the logistics carried out by companies. It allows both your... see more

  • Mega2

    In this project, manage key resources of health and safety systems for the early attention of accidents, accidents and emergencies. It allows both your... see more

  • Rodoil mais logo

    It is a module of the Fidelitas web system that allows you to manage purchases transactions in real time and associated loyalty points. It allows both your... see more

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Eduardo Ali


“We find creativity and excellent time to market in Greencode in the development of each new business we carry out. They always offer us the latest technologies that best adapt to our needs. In recent years they were essential for developing new markets.”

Juan Miguel Trusso

Associate Partner - Tallone Abogados

“They accompanied us in the digital transformation of our company, understanding the sensitivity of our data and the different user profiles we have. Our team felt very comfortable throughout the development and the technological change was much faster than planned.”

Luis Velazquez

CMO - Axum

“We have been working for several years on the development of high innovation products in IoT and Big Data fields. The transparency and quality of work of the whole team helped us, to a large extent, to meet our objectives.”


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